Of the many forms of art, poetry is special to me because it is so universally accessible. Everyone can relate to poetry because everyone can relate to words, thoughts and expressions. Poetry can evoke emotions, can take you on a journey, can captivate you in a way that prose cannot.

I never planned or practiced poetry, never thought of myself as a poet until I started writing my own real poems. Till then, I thought I knew what poetry was and I didn't see myself as being a poet. Yet, when I started using it as a form of expression, it was very different in form and structure, yet weaving that expression into words produced some unique poems.

Though song and music are so popular, their depth comes from lyrics and poems often have so much depth packed into a short poem. Reciting poetry is an art as writing poetry is, yet an art which seems to be getting lost to our generation. Yet, this is not the death-knell for poetry, since it will always continue to have what it always did, just waiting for you to discover it. So I urge those that don't think they like poetry or can write poems to give it a shot. You never know when and how the poet in you may come out.