A Man's Strength

The mark of a man's strength ...
Is not so much a towering frame,
Not so much those thundering biceps,
Not so much that boxer punch, ...

But the strength of his mind.
Strength when standing alone, but firm.
Strength to fight temptation and sin,
Strength to control frustrations and self.

There was a man called David,
Who's strength was the Lord of Heaven,
Who fought bear and lion,
And a great giant called Goliath.

But if ever there is one strong man,
It has to be - Jesus Christ,
Who fought the biggest opponent - Satan.

Who had the strength to be like us,
Yet not so much like us in sin.
The strength to love in return for hate,
The strength to support the poor, women and outcasts.

A man with power to command storm and wind,
But the strength to bear humiliation on the cross.
Born in a shabby Bethlehem stable,
Born to give love and finally his life.

This strength has carried men and women,
Over two-thousand years and more to come,
Through rejection, suffering and loneliness.
And changed sinners like us to saints.

Two thousand years back in Jerusalem,
Where twelve men lay huddled and scared,
Having lost their leader and greatest guide,
And now publicly branded as traitors.

But the Holy-Spirit came in that day,
And filled their hearts and freed their tongues,
And bloomed a flower that is the church,
The body of Christ that's still going strong.

Jesus is my friend, and yours too.
He knows all our weaknesses and troubles.
We can speak to him by praying.
So why wait? Lets start today.