Faithful Love

How faithful your love, O God,
How great Your sacrifice!
I see Your Son on the Cross -
Jesus message of greatest love.

How much you chase after us,
Even when we are unfaithful.
Your patience transcends the limits of time,
As You go after Your lost sheep.

I read Your message for us, Lord,
Your message for us who stray,
How You embrace us like a Father,
How You prepare a feast in welcome!

Amazing are Your ways, Lord,
Great indeed are Your works,
But none can match Your love Lord,
None, Your everlasting faithfulness.

When You say "Father forgive them",
It rings in my ears!!
I see Your face on the cross,
Peaceful through forgiveness.

How beautiful to see my Saviour,
How awesome His sweet face.
How man longs for your love, Lord.
Let's remember he died in our place.