In Thy Everlasting Arms

Lord, that I may feel your power,
Help me Lord, to know your love.
Today I realize that all things come,
Through giving and trusting in you.

I feel confident that in your arms,
I am safe, happy and contended.
I know that I can take, soft retreat,
In your arms of everlasting love.

Lord, I wish that all someday,
I may find true happiness in you.
Even as I go through these unsure paths,
I feel the resurgence of confidence in me.

I feel it filling my blood,
And all the happiness that you shower on me,
Your love is an endless fountain,
That gives strength to all who comes.

That does not see the person who comes,
But gives without limit to all who thirst.

O how happy is he that lives
In this blissful faith and trust
Who knows that through his day and night,
His God takes care of all

O how powerful is he who rules
All heaven and earth and stars,
And yet how much he loves us all,
Unworthy though we are.

Grant, O Lord that I may never forget
How much you love us all
And that someday, I may find rest,
Forever in thy everlasting arms.