The Quest

Searched I for happiness in cities great,
Shining and shimmering coins of gold,
All that the world flashed with pomp,
Money, materials and public fame.

Through all the hustle and bustle I went,
Until all my energies were spent,
And yet, no sign of goal did see,
Until time caught up with poor me.

There is a search in all of us -
Of questions that we are so uneasy about.
Why is this emptiness and void at dusk?
Am I doing what I am supposed to do?

And so as we tread those much touted roads,
Of want, desire and ambition,
And wonder why we never did,
See the truth we always wanted to.

So went I to the old dusty lanes,
Of rocks and thorns until all clouds cleared,
And a spring of young water signaled me
And said a voice - peace be with thee.

Why do you want to take than to give?
Why do you want to be loved than to love?
Remember that you were born through love,
And love it will be that can save you

There in those old poor streets I sate,
And thought and reflected and marveled,
And started a new way of giving, not taking,
And a wonderful peace and gladness did emanate.