My tears fill the vale below,
Tears, not of grief, but of joy!
Like water that flowed from You,
From Your side, from Your heart.

You have spoken to your servant, Lord,
My soul rejoiced in thanks and praise!
For that great sacrifice You made,
On Your amazing cross!

I feel Your blood and water flow, sweet Jesus,
I see Your peaceful face that radiates!
A heart forgiven, bathed in love,
O it flows like a waterfall, a torrent.

O Lord, I was born of my mother here,
Her flesh and blood in me,
But when you enter in, dear Lord,
I am transformed, yes transformed!

My flesh cleansed by Your perfect body,
My blood sanctified by Yours, precious,
My hands, feet, face, eyes, organs,
My heart, soul, mind and spirit.

What more can I ask, Lord?
You have filled me up!!